Beretta apx 40 cal magazines for sale

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Used Guns. Gun Parts. Pistols, Other. Completion Kits Grips, Stocks. Hand Guards, Accessories. Small Parts. Gas Systems. Fire Control Systems. Scope Levers. Charging Handle. Fire Control. Recoil Systems. PCC Accessories. Magazine and Magazine Parts. Complete Magazines.The XM17 competition was a joint program between the U. Army and the U. Navy to evaluate and choose a new sidearm to replace the Beretta 92 for the Army, and the Sig M11 for the Navy. Scroll down to see all the Beretta APX holster options that we carry.

Prior to the conception of the APX model, Beretta, as part of its existing handgun contract for most of the U. Armed Services, had offered to provide their M9A3 model as a reduced price in an attempt to keep the original contract in place. However, the M9A3 had so many upgrades and changes compared to the original Beretta 92 that had won the military contract in that the U. Department of Defense declined and opted to support the XM17 competition project for a replacement. The APX is a full size, striker fired, polymer frame pistol that is built on stainless steel chassis system that allows for a truly modular set-up.

The chassis system means that that fire control assembly can be removed from the frame and then inserted into different frame much like the popular Sig P series which won the XM17 trials. This approach allows the owner to change the pistol frames and calibers as desired. The APX is also equipped with 3 different sized small, medium, and large backstraps so the user can further adjust the grip dimensions to his or her personal preferences.

In addition, the APX has an integrated mil-spec picatinny rail integrated into the frame so a light or laser can be added, if desired. The operational design is different from most Beretta handguns as well. This includes a locking breech block that cams into a locked position with slide engagement. When cocked, the APX also features a cocked striker indicated on the rear of the slide.

Most striker fired pistols like the Glocks require that the trigger be depressed in order to take the pistol down. In an effort for additional safety, Beretta built the APX with a striker deactivation button that deactivates the striker prior to break-down, and engages the aforementioned striker block safety to prevent an accidental discharge as the pistol is being disassembled.

Currently the Beretta APX is being offered in either 9mm or. Although the full size frame is available in a few different color options other than black FDE, gray, and ODBeretta has indicated that additional frame sizes will be available in the near future.

The 9mm models are offered with either a 17 round or 10 round magazine configurations, with an optional higher capacity 21 round magazine also on the market. This model also includes a plate cover so you can run the gun without an RDO if desired.

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In addition to the RDO slide cut, the Combat model also comes with a factory installed threaded barrel. Yes, any holster model listed below is available in a version for a Beretta APX holster.

beretta apx 40 cal magazines for sale

The answer is yes. Will these holsters fit my APX with a 10 round magazine? For starters, the APX models in 9mm or. Yes, we can through MTR Custom. MTR cuts a slot in the holster so the Deltapoint or most any other mini red-dot sight can ride in the holster. Can you make a holster for it?

At the time of this writing, Beretta was only offering the APX in a full-size version, so the only holster models we can support right now are the full-size frame models. The different pistol models shown in the holsters below are for demonstration purposes only.Enter Your Email Address.

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Kimber Magazines. Magnum Research Magazines. Makarov Magazines. Masterpiece Arms Magazines. Ruger Magazines. SIG Magazines. Springfield XD Magazines. SPS Magazines.Just announced: the new Beretta APX chambered for the. Beretta launched the new APX pistol in. Beretta states this pistol is specifically designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and military uses. Considering the. Recently Beretta lost out to Sig Sauer for the U. With that source apparently gone, Beretta still stands a good chance of gaining the attention of law enforcement and civilian shooters alike.

beretta apx 40 cal magazines for sale

The Beretta APX in. The Beretta APX underwent extensive testing, evaluation, and feedback from professional end-users before the final versions were submitted. The Beretta APX has a low bore axis and aggressive slide serrations. The APX is a striker-fired pistol with a steel slide and a polymer frame. Perhaps the greatest feature of the slide is its low bore axis. This means the barrel is kept as close to the frame as possible, thereby allowing the size and height of the slide to be reduced.

This design reduces felt recoil as the recoil can now be directed more rearward than upward through a higher grip and lower barrel alignment. The slide is machined with aggressive serrations in front of and behind the ejection port. These serrations should provide ample texture for performing manual manipulations of the slide for loading and press checks. The serrations are cut-outs from the previous near vertical angled slide side.

In some ways they are attractive, and in other ways distracting. The next excellent feature of the APX is a serialized chassis housing the trigger and trigger mechanism. By serializing the chassis, rather than the frame, an end-user shooter can quickly and legally switch out frames without running afoul of Federal law.

This design consideration by Beretta continues a trend also seen in the highly popular Sig Sauer P that just so happened to win the U.

There are two distinct benefits of utilizing the chassis design. First, as mentioned above, the chassis is the serialized part of the firearm allowing the owner to interchange more parts legally and without concern about violating Federal law. Second, the chassis provides an outstanding and superior frame support system. By using a steel chassis, the polymer frame is much more strongly supported by the steel chassis forming a solid structure in the heart of the frame.

Research indicates this design is superior to taming the force and flex from firing. Beretta outfits the APX in. The sights are dovetailed into the top of the slide allowing for minor adjustments to ensure accurate shooting for individual shooters.

In addition, Beretta offers a fiber optic front sight with blank U-notch rear sight as a night sight option. The Beretta standard 3-dot sights above and fiber optic sight option below. A modular polymer frame is used by Beretta to accomplish strength, durability, and lower overall weight. The frame comes with a 3-position Picatinny rail forward of the trigger guard allowing shooters to mount pistol lights or laser targeting systems.

The trigger guard is enlarged to assist with large or gloved hands and is squared at the front. Beretta designed the slide lock lever and magazine release lever to be tight to the frame to reduce snagging, while also being easily accessible. The slide lock lever is ambidextrous, while the magazine release lever is interchangeable for left-handed shooters.

Beretta elected to include three subtle finger grooves on the front of the grip, along with a nicely contoured upper grip to maximize shooter comfort and control of the pistol while shooting.

The Beretta APX has three interchangeable back-straps providing both optional length of pull and grip width.Click on "Armslist Store" above to check out all our listings.

Our phone is a business landline. Do not text as I will not receive the text. Call or email for an appt to purchase this or any of our firearms. Being that we are in an office building masks are now required until Gov Sisolak removes that order. All our ammo is new factory brass ammo and brand name ammo. Armscor, PPU and Winchester etc. I have no way to know how long background checks will take. As of today June 20 they are normally somewhere from 1 day to 1 week but there are no guarantees.

Sometimes its 2 or 3 days in a row of just getting a busy signal. We try every day but we are not always successful. For the most part though 1 day and up to 1 week but again I have NO WAY to know when your background check will be completed. Eastern Ave. Close Submit. Send Cancel. Create Cancel. This listing has been deactivated by the seller. You will no longer be able to contact the seller. Here is the big bad Beretta in. This is the full sized frame and being an Law Enforcement version it comes with 3 of the 15 rd magazines.

Lots of capacity and the extra stopping power of the. And its a Beretta. Listed On: Thursday, July 9, post id: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Local Storage seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser. Beretta Firearms has been designing and manufacturing pistols for use in combat around the world sincewhen the first semi-automatic Beretta combat handgun was introduced and adopted by the military.

With more than years of experience and feedback from the battlefield, each Beretta handgun, pistol, and revolver is designed with the worst case scenario in mind.

Beretta's handguns and other guns are backed by over years of metallurgical research, manufacturing expertise, and the Beretta family's passion for firearms.

beretta apx 40 cal magazines for sale

Never settle for an inferior handgun - the knowledge, experience, and valuable lessons from the battlefield are put to the best possible use in the development and improvement of all Beretta handguns. With 15 generations of skill, a century of battlefield feedback, and 25 years of service with the US Armed Forces, a Beretta handgun will peform every time, everywhere.

In addition to Beretta handguns, we also carry Beretta Shotguns, Beretta Rifles, and a wide range of Beretta firearm accessories. The Beretta Px4 handgun represents the culmination of a century of experience building, testing, and refining pistols for worldwide military use. The NATO certified Beretta Px4 pistol is used all over the world by law enforcement groups and the military, in every environment imaginable. These Beretta handguns are designed to meet the most stringent military standards, and have been reported to fire overrounds with zero parts breakage.

The Beretta Px4 Full Size Type F pistol has many features which help it deliver unparalleled strength and wear properties. These Px4 features include a light, durable frame that employs a highly refined reinforced fiberglass, proprietary steel developed to exceed the most impossible standards, and a slide machined from solid bar stock to ensure precision and performance.

The Beretta Px4 pistol has one of the strongest available actions of all handguns for sale on the market today as a result of its cold hammer forged, rotary-barrel design. This rotary barrel dissipates recoil energy in a unique way that decreases perceived recoil for the handgun shooter, and allows for faster sight recovery and follow-up shots.

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The Beretta Px4 Inox pistol brings a fresh look and unique style to Beretta's Px4 line of handguns for sale, epitomizing functional elegance for even the most demanding handgun shooters.

The two-tone finish of this Beretta handgun is practical, functional, and distinctly attractive - all while maintaining the handgun family's proven features. The stainless steel slide of the Px4 Inox pistol is bead-blasted to a smooth satin finish to ensure a non-reflective surface that is highly resistant to the elements.

With its reinforced fiberglass frame made from a highly refined techno-polymer, the Px4 Inox is optimized for use in the most challenging environments and harsh climates. Three interchangeable backstraps make fitting most shooters with different sized hands quick and easy. The Px4 Inox pistol's magazine release is easily changed to accommodate left or right handed shooters, and the in-line feeding system provides unparalleled reliability to keep it running shot after shot.

The Beretta Px4 Inox handguns are for sale in both 9mm 17 or 10 rounds and.Shop the Guns. We have a large selection of new and used guns listed on our easy-to-use website along with friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help with your online firearm purchase. At Guns. A firearms manufacturer with a history dating back to the s, Beretta has earned a reputation for delivering products with the highest quality and flawless performance. For nearly five centuries, Beretta has lived up to their superior reputation and has continually moved forward with innovative ideas, patents, and improved manufacturing processes.

APX Series Magazines

With distribution facilities across the globe, Beretta is one of the top handgun manufacturers. Their products are trusted by numerous military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world. The lineup of Beretta pistols includes full-size models, compact, sub-compact, and pocket pistols, as well as a line of premium pistols and handguns designed specifically for military and law enforcement.

There are more than 50 Beretta pistols currently in production made for a variety of uses from plinking and personal protection to tactical shooting and competition. They are offered in several calibers, with an array of features, finishes, and options. Used by military and law enforcement, the 92FS is a semi-automatic handgun that delivers accuracy, durability, and dependability.

Chambered in 9mm, it has low recoil, as well as an open slide design that virtually eliminates stove-piping. Ideal for self-defense, the 96 additionally features interchangeable 3-dot sights and a Picatinny rail.

Available in full-size, compact, and sub-compact, the PX4 Storm is a semi-automatic handgun that delivers durability and reliability in a package that requires minimal maintenance. All three have an accessory rail and ambidextrous controls, as well as a snag-free design for smooth unholstering and re-holstering. It features simple disassembly and maintenance, as well as a reversible magazine release button, ambidextrous slide stop, and interchangeable backstraps.

A micro-compact pistol chambered in 9mm, the BU9 Nano is ideal for concealed carry. It is built on a polymer frame and offers easy maintenance. Features include a snag-free profile, reversible magazine release button, and modular design for easy customization. This handgun offers low recoil and a snag-free design, in addition to stainless steel and polymer construction and a durable finish.

Easily customizable, this pistol is well-suited for concealed carry. From wallet-friendly to premium price tags, the cost of Beretta handguns for sale varies greatly. The Colt Woodsman is credited as the first successful rimfire.