High excursion 15 subwoofer

The XV15 vented subwoofer delivers crisp, detailed bass, while digging deep into the lowest frequencies. Combining the deep bass capabilities of a vented subwoofer and the shallow roll off of a sealed subwoofer, the XV15 is a perfect match for both movies and music. Satin Black Texture. Cordovan Cherry 2 weeks.

high excursion 15 subwoofer

Black Ash 2 weeks. American Cherry 2 weeks. Espresso 2 weeks. Due to the variances in video monitors, the wood veneer photographs are a close, but not an exact representation of our finished products. Differences in color, grain, appearance and texture are inherent in all natural woodwork, and should be expected. These differences are not classified as manufacturing defects, and will not be accepted as valid reasons for Power Sound Audio to reimburse return shipping costs of a product within our 30 Day Risk Free Trial Period.

Power X Owner's Manual. Menu 0. Sealed Vented Previous Models Outlet center. Once the XV15 is placed in a medium to large sized room, true extension to 16HzHz is typical. This boost in low end output is due to the phenomenon known as "room gain". Josh Ricci posted his review of the XV15 at Audioholics. Please click the Audioholics logo read the entire review. Check it out by clicking the Lounge's logo. I mean it pounds out movie SFX, hard. The XL Omnidroid is smashing through town launching lasers.

high excursion 15 subwoofer

The impact the lasers have is creating really incredible depth. There was so much missing before that I never noticed. Simple things stand out as well like the Omnidroid Breaking through Frozone's ice wall. It has strength now. Physically I am watching and grinning ear to ear, but mentally I am tearing through my abundant Bluray collection.

My setup just got pumped up full of steroids and came back ready to bring it. These subs belong here, I would have paid 3k for them if I knew what they were going to do. I pushed the XV15s very hard today and they didn't blink.Because of this, all calls may not be answered.

For all technical support related inquires we encourage you to email service martinlogan. Please expect a slightly longer response time than usual. Thank you for your understanding during this time. XLR, RCA, and volt trigger inputs guarantee connection flexibility while simplifying system integration. Its standard down-firing configuration quickly and easily converts into a front-firing setup for those who prefer a "hidden" installation. With optional PBK room correction sold separately the Dynamo X is guaranteed to sound exceptional in any room.

Although correct placement plays a key role in optimizing subwoofer performance, positioning a subwoofer often requires compromises. PBK uses a computer and microphone to listen throughout the listening environment and tailor the sub's performance to the unique acoustic properties of a room—resulting in clean, powerful bass down to 20Hz. Dynamo X features advanced MartinLogan design concepts. A high-resolution, low-distortion inch woofer delivers huge excursion and sound output while preserving minute bass details, all without a hint of distortion.

The cone material's exceptional damping properties ensure the smooth, non-resonant response necessary for seamless blending with MartinLogan electrostatic panel and Folded Motion driver technologies. Placement flexibility is maximized by the subwoofer's front-firing or down-firing options. When placed in a cabinet or other discreet location, the Dynamo X subwoofer can easily convert from standard down-firing to front-firing orientation, with no tools or special skills required.

A grill cover and degree RCA adaptors are provided for use in front-firing applications. An IME filter is derived from the inverse of the unfiltered driver response. Precision IME filtering yields extremely accurate low-frequency response—far superior to that provided by the simple second-order high-Q filters typically found in most subwoofers in this price range.

The Dynamo X delivers a true watts of continuous power and watts peak. An energy-conscious design, the Dynamo Series amps consume only 10 watts in standby mode. Although ports are a convenient and cost-effective way of increasing low-frequency output, when used in small cabinets their reliance on resonant energy impairs bass quality.

A compact, sealed subwoofer system minimizes transient-blurring group delay while maintaining smooth, consistent response, regardless of music or movie source material. The Dynamo X's cabinet is constructed from the finest composite material for acoustic integrity. Inside, critically placed structural cross-bracing acts as an excellent baffle for the woofer, while the added rigidity keeps cabinet-induced resonances and non-linearities to inaudible levels.

Comprehensive signal connections along with low-pass filtering and phase control make the integration of Dynamo X subwoofers into a multi-channel home theater or stereo music setup a simple and seamless process.

Additionally, a trigger input allows processors to turn the Dynamo X on and off via a 12V trigger connection. The Dynamo X comes with custom ETC spikes which can be used in place of the feet to enhance stability on thick carpets, or create tighter coupling between subwoofer and floor to enhance overall sound quality.

Each kit is shipped with a unique microphone. To download the most up-to-date version of ARC, please click the link below to go directly to Anthem's website.

One USB port is required. If you are using a laptop computer, check power settings and battery meter before starting to ensure the procedure is not interrupted. Thermal sensorprotection. Please, Sign in or Sign up to add comments. The PBK is intuitive and useful. Those sub are not even come close to this Dynamo X model. Before I purchase the Dynamo X, I bought the Dynamo and tested it out for 2 week,it was power enough to fill up my living room 15X25 and 18ft high ceiling but I was still not satisfy with the power and instead went to exchange for two Dynamo We now have three new 15" drivers.

DS replaces our previous DS and features a black spun aluminium cone with an inverted dustcap. DS adds a 3" voice coil and two oversize magnets for higher power handling to suit our w plate amps. Our new range of 15" drivers represents the fourth generation of our servo driver. While designed specifically for our Direct Servo subwoofers, all our drivers are also suitable for conventional use. While many drivers are designed to look good and appear impressive on paper, we design our drivers with a music first philosophy.

To be included in our range, they must be capable of accurate reproduction and not simply noise making power tools.

Bs5 15'' Custom High Excursion subwoofer playing music Free air

All of our products are designed for uncompromising musical performance. We won't compromise this aspect to make our drivers look better on paper. Most drivers on the market add extra voice coil layers to create more attractive specs. The result is higher mass and inductance as well as reduced magnet strength. Typically this degrades performance above 40 Hz and often results in a subwoofer which can only function as a low frequency noise maker. Our drivers are designed for low moving mass and high flux density.

To further reduce inductance and distortion, we added a FEA finite element analysis designed short circuit ring effective above 30 Hz for. We've avoided the temptation to aim for extreme power handling and excursion in favour of a more cost effective and musical solution. Where more output is desired than one of our drivers can deliver, we suggest one of our multiple driver options.

Higher power handling and excursion have many sonic penalties and mitigating their effects involves numerous expensive compromises. Compared to our 12" drivers, these achieve 2 db greater efficiency and 4 db greater transient output. For bass frequencies, a 6 db increase in output sounds twice as loud. We supply foam gasket tape to ensure a good seal when the driver is mounted to an enclosure. We suggest putting the tape on the enclosure rather than on the driver basket. New range of 15" drivers We now have three new 15" drivers.

Designed for accuracy Our new range of 15" drivers represents the fourth generation of our servo driver. All rights reserved. Site: 3 Corners Webworks. About us. Our approach to driver design All of our products are designed for uncompromising musical performance. Power, excursion and performance We've avoided the temptation to aim for extreme power handling and excursion in favour of a more cost effective and musical solution. Driver features Rigid cone - black anodized aluminum cone FEA designed shorting ring - reduces 2nd order distortion High linear excursion - 1.The VM Audio Encore inch high excursion subwoofer was designed by our professional team of engineers for those in search of audio perfection.

Features like the linear-flex spider ensure the clarity of the low frequency notes while the dynamic high-magnitude cone increases the precision of this incredible subwoofer. Every aspect of the Encore series inch subwoofer was built to preserve the integrity of the low frequencies in your music while still giving you the power you want to crank up the volume.

With watts of RMS power, 97 dB sensitivity, and a frequency response of 23HzHz, this subwoofer will take your car audio to that next level.

Bought a sub about a year ago and put it in my old box that had a DC audio comp level 4 that i blew up. I just got a second VM 15 and going to build two ported boxes that are in the install guide, i hope to hear great things.

high excursion 15 subwoofer

Type to search thousands of products. Your Cart Is Empty. Item Total. Sales Tax. Cart Total. See more from VM Audio. Sorry, this item is currently unavailable. Product Details. You Might Also Like. Write your review. Very amazing sounding, high quality subs. I nearly crapped my pants when I saw they made the ECW I bought a set of their ECWs last year and was really impressed. I have these in a custom tuned ported box to their specs and they sound amazing.

The only con is I wish they offered it in the dual 2 ohm voice coil sub.For people who need great music with powerful voluminous bass, subwoofers are must-haves.

The 15 inch subwoofer models ensure that they produce an impressive amount of sound that smaller subwoofers fail to match up to. Here we take our time to review the best 15 inch subwoofer under USD. That said it is also essential to know that a subwoofer of this dimension needs to be able to strike a balance between power and precision.

This balance can be achieved and the right product purchased if a few features are taken into consideration. Here are a few features to consider before investing in a 15 inch subwoofer. A good 15 inch subwoofer should be able to enhance low audio frequencies without excessive consumption of resources or posing a threat to its own stability.

There are four essential categories that must be taken care of before selecting the best 15 inch subwoofer :. A 15 inch subwoofer should ideally have an efficiency of watts or higher. This is what an individual seeking a good output looks for in a 15 inch model. The primary function of a subwoofer is to enhance sounds with very low frequencies. The best way to find out a good subwoofer is to find one with a lower standard range that will be more effective.

A subwoofer owes its sound and power to its voice coils. Their design and housing directly affect their efficiency and effectiveness of a speaker. While an alternating current flows, a certain resistance is offered by the subwoofer.

Nominal Impedance is a measure of this resistance. The fewer the ohms, the more efficient is the speaker since there is lesser resistance. This 15 inch subwoofer has a dust cap with aluminium stiffeners. Its cast aluminium basket and enhanced bottom octave output ensure that the subwoofer is louder than its counterparts. Its dust cap keeps the high efficiency voice coil cool and the composite sandwich paper that comes along with the subwoofer helps to eliminate cone flex during low bass and high excursion.

This subwoofer has all the qualities of the best 15 inch subwoofer, with wattage of4 ohm that would lead to lesser resistance and is also quite affordable. With such attractive features, this is clearly the best 15 inch subwoofer in the market at the moment. Have you been hunting for high volume and great performing subwoofers? Well, the market will make you dizzy with lots of options and force you to narrow down your choices.

That is guaranteed to give you the boom you expect from a quality subwoofer. The Power Acoustik Subwoofer comes packed with high power features that will persuade you into getting one. The best highlights of this subwoofer include:. This subwoofer will be added advantage to your car or home stereo and often clients get vented subwoofer box to give boost to home speaker.

high excursion 15 subwoofer

Amazon customers rated this product 4. Though the subwoofer gives high power output, some might find that it is not enough. That is clearly a personal choice. Also there were few clients who had experience of the product needing replacement within weeks after purchase.

These cases could be due to faulty connections and there are return options for retailers like Amazon. Apart from that, the product comes with a 90 day warranty.

This makes an amazing purchase, is worth the money and offers gives excellent quality; all at a reasonable cost. Massive audio launches the hippo series HIPPO dual 2 Ohm sub woofer that can revolutionize your musical experience.

With a watts RMS and a peak of watts, these subs will stand true to their name — be massive! You need to choose the right vent box for these subs.Our passive radiators offer a solution for small space and low tuned applications where a ported vented enclosure would be optimum, but where space does not allow for the use of a properly sized port opening or port length.

Our radiators offer the user the ability to tune their enclosure lower than conventional ported enclosures normally allow for, in less space. If available space is lacking, but you are not willing to give up output or sound quality, a passive radiator may be the perfect option.

Our new high excursion PR now offers even more excursion capability, meaning more output in the same amount of space. This combination allows for more movement from the passive radiator without mechanical noise or failure. When running subwoofers that are capable of extreme excursion levels, it only makes sense to use passive radiators that can keep up. They are manufactured to the strictest standard, and guaranteed to last.

Hand built in the USA! Enclosure Recommendations: Passive radiators are recommended to be used as a replacement for a port. You should generally use about the same or slightly less enclosure volume with a PR that you would with a port.

The only limitation will be the upper tuning frequency. Depending on the size of the PR and the internal volume of the enclosure, there will be a maximum tuning frequency limit. For help with this, please contact us directly.

If you would like to customize this radiator with performance or cosmetic options that are not available in our online store, please submit a Custom Subwoofer Request. The rear stud will travel beyond the rear edge of the frame during normal operation.

If a shallow mounting depth is needed, this stud can be trimmed shorter. Trimming the rear stud can allow for the PR to be installed at the mounting depth of the frame only, without any additional clearance needed. We offer free shipping on every product to the lower 48 United States. Customers located in other areas would be charged actual shipping costs. You can calculate shipping costs by adding the item to your shopping cart and then input your full address on the shopping cart page to receive shipping quotes via available shipping services.

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