Latest balcony designs

Balcony railings have much more to offer than their functional values. In fact, these are delicately chosen housing accessories.

When you choose the right railing for your balcony, it carries an architectural value, besides providing an elegant exterior look to your home. When you incorporate the balcony wall designs to perfection, it complements the walls in the building.

Here are ten balcony railing designs for you to choose when you long to get a classy look for your home. It is orange-brown in color, with parallel beams running horizontally. Small pendant lights in the house look classy. Metal Balcony Railing vanguardstudio. Here, a gray metal railing in the balcony looks compatible with the gray floor and the short awning.

Install matching sitting accessories in the balcony, and the metal deck rails will look sleek and elegant. Wooden Balcony Railing ohashidesign. When you have wooden walls in the adjacent rooms, the balcony looks further tailored. Place some potted plants on the balcony and this will make the balcony complete.

Cement Balcony Railing Design cornerstonearchitectsllp. Red cement tiles on the roof look matching with this setting. The cement railings and walls are painted in a light cream shade. These railings go well with houses with great architectural designs and arches. Balcony Glass Railing aboutspacestudios. This will make the balcony look sophisticated. The glass deck railing complements the light brown floor of the area and you need to get light brown furniture to complete the setting.

These are designed into complement rooms with curved door tops and offers great architectural value. Outdoor Balcony Railing Idea pjainc. For these balconies, you can incorporate wrought iron deck railing. The wrought iron trellis looks compatible with the cream walls in the building.

The balcony looks even more sophisticated with the elegant patio outside. Wrought Iron Balcony Railing Design Design by Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design When you get wrought iron balcony rails for your home, you need to complement them with matching window grills and furniture.

The light slate floor color goes well with the cushions on the chairs.

latest balcony designs

Stone balcony railings are a part of beautiful mansions with stucco exteriors. These railings go well with houses with dome shaped tops and great architectural features.Livspace Editorial Team October 29, Be it compact or large, here are some design ideas to inspire you to take up the challenge of creating a beautiful outdoor space.

A swing can take you to your happy place! Turn your balcony space into a personal sanctuary with a wide swing, wooden rafters across the ceiling, interesting tiles on one side of the railing and coffee table just for essentials. How dreamy does this balcony look? With a comfy wicker sofa, bar stools and table perfect for brunch days, the space certainly is the highlight of any conversation. Throw in a faux grass patch and you are all set! Barely-there balcony? No problem!

Throw in a patchwork armchair with a basic coffee table like this balcony.

Balcony Design Stock Photos and Images

If space allows, add in a plant shelf to seal the deal. This balcony sports pops of yellow in planters and the railing. The wooden floor tiles make the space looks like something out of a catalogue! With a pinewood deck, rattan furniture and added height to enjoy the view, this balcony surely makes a powerful statement. We love how the space is sprinkled with a splash of colours as well. Even simple solutions can turn around your balcony space. Take cues from this balcony with patterned tiles and minimal wicker furniture.

A bar in the balcony sure makes up for a beautiful place for a party! The balcony space is done up minimally with just wooden flooring and green turf.

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An existing wall hanging of wooden corks finds its place on the adjacent wall. One look at this balcony and it has us falling in love with it. Clear blue skies, a hot cuppa, a nice book and you perched atop the sunshine chair.

Oh, and the cherry on the cake? The furniture given is all weather-resistant! This balcony thrives on colours — red furniture, colourful planters, a mix of indoor plants, green turf and pebbles.

The balcony has been netted to keep out pigeons while still letting in fresh air. What a refreshing cocoon! Have enough balcony space with a gorgeous overlooking view?

Take advantage of it with a sleek bar unit! Who knew a grass curtain could do the trick in keeping nosy neighbours at bay? While it ensures privacy, it also gives your balcony a fresh appearance. The orange furniture adds a pop of colour to keep things interesting.

A stunning view of the city, some hot coffee, comfortable rattan furniture — this is something you can look forward to every morning and evening! For the gardening enthusiasts, here is a wonderful vertical garden to fit into your compact balconies!

You too can join the fun at this lovely picnic table. Calling all the party-folks! Cheers to a wonderful bar unit upcycled from a Tata truck front mask. Want a nature-inspired home? Here is a wonderful balcony design with rattan furniture and a small garden.Perhaps one of the most recent ideas in gardening is the idea of balcony gardening. This idea has helped many people who were previously unable to garden because of their lack of yard space. Many live in a condo or apartment, yet even single family homes can sometimes lack the yard space required for a garden.

People across the world are now transforming their balconies into gardens. This relevant concept gives new hope to aspiring gardeners and master gardeners alike! Creating a balcony garden can be fun and fulfilling. However, sometimes the hardest part is getting started. Below are some amazing balcony garden designs. As you look through them, pay close attention to the designs you are drawn to. It may be helpful to have an idea of how you want to use your balcony space. Do you want a flower garden, vegetable garden, outdoor living space, or all of the above?

Some balconies are created to compliment the existing home design and decor. One factor to consider is your available budget. With many balcony garden ideas, you can create a fabulous space without spending much money! Another thing to think about is how much sunlight your balcony receives. This can help determine the plants you choose. Finally, what time of the day will you use your new space? For a balcony used mainly in the evenings, you may want lighting on your balcony.

With adequate planning, you can create a beautiful balcony garden designed to serve your gardening needs. This balcony garden is sunny and bright! Citrus trees love the sun, making a sunny balcony the ideal location for growing your own fruit.

This creative balcony garden proves you do not need matching pots to be a stunning area.

67 Cool Small Balcony Design Ideas

The plants are offered protection from the sun by the white umbrella secured to the balcony railing. From the collection of play toys to the red and white striped fabric shade, this is also a space to share with a child.

Simplistic and rustic describe this balcony garden. Using the vertical space, this garden combines rustic wood elements with light creating a cozy space. This design can be replicated with two wood pallets or even scrap wood from previous projects. Simply repurpose the wood for flower boxes! Since this design uses only the wall, it allows the balcony floor to stay clean and saves valuable floor space.

The tea light candles invite warmth and romance into an otherwise boring space. Is a tiny yard and garden on your balcony possible? When creating a balcony garden design you can have both! Using AstroTurf on your balcony floor, you are able to create a yard in the city or on your apartment balcony. Colorful, yet edible kale is showcased in wooden crates. Hanging garden boxes provide additional growing space on the balcony railing in this design.

With the predominantly green landscape, the pop of fuchsia color from the flower is a nice addition. Even the tiny herbs have a home in the small terra cotta pots lining the side of this balcony! Never underestimate the power of hooks when balcony gardening.Resend OTP.

Home Railing Designs. Railing Designs. Staircase Railing Balcony Railing. Ask Price. Quantity: Select Unit Sq. Foot Sq. Where do you need these? Email ID:. You are a? Indoor spiral staircase railings. Iron zig-zag railing. Modern glass railing design. Wooden railings. Wood Stainless Steel Stair Railing. Balcony Railing. Iron Railings. Glass railing designs. House Railing Design: Railings are an important fixture in any house and helps add panache to the architectural element while helping your balcony or staircase stand out a bit more.

A stylish railing design is an expression of creativity not only in terms of the actual shape and structure but also when it comes to the usage of materials. Locate railing manufacturers in your area Be it your balcony or your staircase, house railing designs have come a long way. With a whole variety of design options available, railings now come in all shapes and models and the most common designs include wooden railing designs, iron railing design, wrought iron railings and glass railing design.

Different interior and exterior house railing designs Below is a photo gallery of a variety of different interior and exterior railing designs for your staircase or balcony to choose from. Spiral staircases have always been beautiful and when paired along with wrought iron, it makes for a truly elegant and alluring staircase. More than just being functional, this staircase is a symbol of understated style and sophistication. The use of glass here complements the wooden staircase while the steel support frames add to its uniqueness.

The classy modern glass railing keeps safety in mind while offering an uninterrupted view of the well-constructed wooden steps as well.Small balcony designs can provide charming outdoor seating areas and beautify apartments by extending rooms and increasing flat sizes. Balconies connect home interiors with nature and encourage people to spend more time outdoors.

Here are an extensive collection of gorgeous balconies and inspiring ideas for decorating the small outdoor seating areas. The inspirations will help add chic and charm to your home and turn the outdoor living spaces into peaceful and beautiful retreats.

A small balcony with a decorative screen, hanging planters, original garden decorations, and small furniture looks cozy and inviting. An outdoor seating area is a place where you want to enjoy breakfast with a cup of coffee or an afternoon tea.

Decorated with lanterns and soft cushions, a balcony provides a beautiful place to relax at night. An outdoor rug, a chair, beautiful flowers and plants in attractive containers, and inviting pillows are all you need to create a peaceful paradise on your small balcony.

A small table with a matching chair or a space-saving set of folding furniture adds a comfortable dining are for experiencing outdoors. Decorative pillows bring color, and built-in screens or outdoor curtains provide comfort and privacy. Original garden decorations, especially water features, make fabulous accents emphasizing tranquility and elegant simplicity of small spaces. An outdoor fountain creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere, ideal for complete relaxation. Green plants and flowers have a strong ability to transform outdoor living spaces into pleasant oases.

Beautiful flowers add charm to small balconies, patios, and terraces. Climbing plants or hanging from the ceiling flowering plants look gorgeous creating elegant, unique, and cozy outdoor living spaces. Balcony decorating with flowers and plants can be inexpensive but bright and cheerful. Comfortable furniture and fun items, combined with beautiful flowers and plants create relaxing and intimate open-air lounges where people can dream, read, meditate and rejuvenate. Fresh air is good for your body, and being surrounded by flowers and plants improves your health, connects you to nature and lifts your mood.

Green ideas mixed with colorful flowers look attractive and increase home appeal. Beautiful balconies impress and fascinate people, but it is easy to realize that all balcony, terrace or patio designs can turn into bright, impressive, and comfortable outdoor rooms.

A few simple steps can transform a small balcony or patio into a gorgeous and welcoming oasis. Attractive colors, original accents, comfortable and space-saving design are three essential elements of unique and beautiful balconies. A bistro set with small chairs or a comfortable bench with decorative pillows, a few flowerpots with blooming plants and outdoor lanterns are easy solutions for spectacular and comfortable small balconies.

A strategically placed outdoor floor rug and furniture help define your outdoor seating area in an attractive and practical way. Buying an outdoor floor rug or just painting a rug-like pattern on the floor are two alternatives to lacking interest decor.Sign Up.

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You can choose up to 3 colors. Refine Search.Photographer: Fenella Calelli Design ideas for a large beach style balcony in Sydney with no cover, metal railing and with privacy feature. Design ideas for a small contemporary balcony in Sydney with a roof extension and metal railing. Simon Whitbread Mid-sized contemporary balcony in Sydney with no cover, glass railing and with privacy feature. Privacy screens - mattxluc. Brock Beazley Photo of a beach style balcony in Brisbane with a roof extension and glass railing.

This is an example of a contemporary balcony in Central Coast with a roof extension and glass railing. Design ideas for a contemporary balcony in Melbourne with an awning and glass railing. Position of the outdoor kitchen - bennioto. Imagine breakfast on the balcony with this view. True happiness! Hardie Deck flooring and shutters to the side to block that bright sun when you need to make this an entertainers delight!

Louvre privacy screen off bedroom wall - elmckell. Mid-sized contemporary balcony in Sydney with metal railing and no cover.

latest balcony designs

Inspiration for a small transitional balcony in Sydney with a roof extension and glass railing. Sign In. Join as a Pro. View All Pros. Outdoor Photos Balcony. All Filters. Beach Style. Shabby Chic.

latest balcony designs

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